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The official Apple iPhone iOS Notes app is a great way to take notes. I use it everyday. But there is a third party note-taking app I use pretty regularly too and it’s called Plain Text and it’s made by Hog Bay Software. It’s called Plain Text because that’s pretty much what it does. You create plain text files on your iPhone or iPad that, unlike iOS Notes, you can store in folders but here’s the kicker. It syncs with your Dropbox account. It works on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.  And because it syncs with Dropbox that means it automatically works with Mac, Windows, and Linux desktop. But here is one of the most beautiful things about this app. Anything you create on this app can be edited in your Dropbox account. This truly amazed me when I first tried this. It’s cool enough that the Plain Text app syncs instantaneously in a window you have open in Dropbox but the most amazing thing is that you can start typing in that Dropbox window and everything you do in that Dropbox window will immediately sync to the Plain Text app on your iPad or phone. For a real WOW experience, try it out for yourself.