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A great many of us noted with sadness the passing away of Lou Reed on October 27, 2013. One of my favorite photos of Lou Reed was one taken in 1973 in the Cafe Royal in the ritzy Piccadilly section of London. The photograph shows Lou Reed having drinks with David Bowie and Mick Jagger. The reason I like this picture so much is that I love the expression on Jagger’s face as he watches Lou Reed reach across the table toward David Bowie. Mick seems to be thinking to himself “This Yank’s a bit odd.”

Mick was right because as much as I and millions of other people around the world admired Lou Reed and appreciated his great talent, he was indeed a Yank who was a bit odd. But oddness is not exactly a scarcity among us Yanks. And so in keeping with Mick Jagger’s assessment regarding the much loved and admired Lou Reed’s oddness here are some more Yanks who many feel are a bit odd.

Sarah-Palin_crazy-lookThis Yanks’s a bit odd.

ted_cruz6This Yank’s a bit odd.

MicheleBachmannThis Yank’s a bit odd.

RobertsonThis Yank’s a bit odd.

TedNugentOffMyMedsAgainThis Yank’s a bit odd.

Got ideas for other peeps who could fall under the category of This Yank’s a Bit Odd? Put ’em in the comments.