Every year the venerable old Oxford English Dictionary announces its word of the year. Last year’s OED word of the year was SELFIES those smartphone photos we can’t help but keep snapping of ourselves. I’m predicting that next year’s OED word of the year will be GLASSHOLES. I’m guessing that Glassholes will be a word we use to define nerds who can’t stop talking to Google Glass out loud in public places and become distracted while interacting with Google Glass while doing important things like driving. “O.K. Glass. Start recording” Google has so far only allowed a few thousand “fortunate” people to test Google Glass, the wearable glasses that show video in the upper portion of the right lens of Google Glass. But in the early Fall of this year Google has assured us that anyone with an extra 15 hundred dollars can buy Google Glass and that means that by the end of 2014 millions of Glassholes will be sharing the the nation’s roadways with us.

The Glassholes are coming. Prepare yourself. http://bit.ly/1bzgGlc