How to Type an Apple Logo in iOS

Most Mac users know that in most programs on a Mac that let you enter text you can print the Apple logo Apple logo by using the keyboard shortcut Option+Shift+K. But you can’t do that on an iPad or an iPhone using iOS default keyboards. But you can make it happen and I’ll show you how.

Create an iOS Keyboard Shortcut for Apple Logo

Oh sure, there’s probably gunk that you can download to your iOS device that will allow you to type an Apple symbol using your iPad and/or iPhone keyboard. But why clutter your device with needless third party junk when you can do the same thing the geek way.

This is easy and elegant. First, on your Mac open your Mail App and compose an email to yourself and in the body of that email just type the shortcut (Option Shift K) so you have Apple logo in the body of the message.

Next, open that email on your iPad or iPhone and copy that Apple Logo to your clipboard.

Copy Apple Logo

Now in your iPad or iPhone go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Shortcuts and tap the “+” icon in the upper righthand corner to create a new keyboard shortcut. In the Phrase dialog box tap and hold to paste the  symbol. In the Shortcut box enter any combination of key strokes you’d like to use that will cause iOS to display . I used !apl but you can use any symbol and one or more letters. But don’t forget to tap Save in the upper righthand corner and your done.

So now give it a try. Open any app that you type in on your iPhone or iPad like Messages maybe and type your new shortcut. Ta-Da you get a Apple logo. Cool huh? And if you have all your iDevices synced through iCloud, setting up this shortcut on one of them will automatically set it up in all the others.

If you found any of this information idiotic or confusing, yell at me in the comments.