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Random Acts of Stupidity

The Boy Scouts of America recently stopped discriminating against gay kids. That’s good. Now they’re banishing stupid adults. That’s even better.

By now you’ve seen or at least heard about the three adult jackasses who took some kids to Utah’s Goblin Valley State Park and distroyed a rock formation that had been in place for many millions of years. A man named David Hall shot a video of Glenn Taylor pushing on the rock formation while playfully singing the pop song “Wiggle It, Just a Little Bit”. The video shows that after the rock formation had been destroyed Glenn Taylor encourages his son to share a laugh and a high-five with him. This despicable desecration would no doubt been filed away as an unsolved random act of unlawful stupidity if it hadn’t been for the fact that Mr. Hall was so proud of his video that he decided to post it on Facebook.

Glenn Taylor, David Hall and another man seen on the video were all three Boy Scout troop leaders. After this video went viral a few days ago on YouTube all three men were kicked out of the Boy Scouts of America. Good riddance. The Boy Scouts issued a statement saying that the former leaders violated the Scouts’ principle of “Leave no trace,” which it said “teaches the value of natural areas and the methods we can use to help protect and conserve these areas for future generations.”

Also, the National Park Service and the United States Department of the Interior are said to be working with the Department of Justice to file federal charges against these idiots.